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Fastest Way To Pass A Urine Drug Test

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fastest way to pass a urine drug test

There are 3 main ways to pass a urine drug test: synthetic urine, detox drinks, and detox pills. Some would suggest trying some home remedies, such as the Certo method or, Niacin, cranberry juice, but these are hit or miss. The Certo method has a quite good success rate, but there are so many variables to consider, if you are serious about passing your drug test, I suggest you stay clear from every home remedies.

The Fastest Way To Pass A Drug Test

In my opinion, the absolute fastest way is to use high-quality synthetic urine. If you have a spare one at home, you can even pass a random drug test without any issue. Good quality urine comes with heat activator powder, which means, don’t have to mess with microwave or any heating devices.

The powder can raise the temperature to the desired level within as little as 3 seconds. Basically, you go into the testing room with a flask full of water. When you are alone, add the urine powder, shake it for 20 seconds. Wait another 20 seconds, then add the heat activator powder, shake it a bit more, and see the temperature raising. The whole process takes less than 2 minutes, and t requires ZERO preparation. That’s why I call Sub Solution synthetic urine the absolute fastest and safest way to pass a urine drug test.

What If The Test Is Supervised?

If the test s supervised that means, someone will be in the testing room, watching you pee. That makes things more complicated, but you have nothing to worry about. In this case, the recommended way is using a detox drink. It’s important to mention, whether you are using synthetic urine or detox drinks, you need minimum one day to order the product, the most company offer 24 express shipping, but 24 hours is the minimum you have to wait till you get your product. That’s why I always recommend to everyone to buy more, not just one, to avoid these unlucky situations.

Back to detox drinks, I high-quality marijuana detox drink will mask toxins in your system for up to 5 hours. During this time your sample will be clean of toxins. It requires some preparation, but not that much. You need to follow the instruction of the detox drink to the T. If you ignore some part, you will most likely fail. There are many different brands and they all have slightly different instructions, but it usually looks like this:

  • Drink the content of the bottle, urinate
  • Refill the container with cold water, urinate again
  • And do the same again

detox drinks for drug test

After you peed three times, your urine should be clean of toxins and ready to submit. Better quality detox drinks come with pre-cleansing pills, you should take these pills 24 hours prior to your drug test, these will eliminate as many toxins in your system as they can, so your detox drink will have an easier job masking them. The bets detox brands I would recommend are Ultra Eliminex, Mega Clean and Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse 32Oz.

Ultra Eliminex is slightly more expensive as the others, it coss 80$, Mega Clean with 6 Toxin rid pills costs 69 (if you buy it from the right vendor) and Rescue Cleanse costs only 55$. These are currently the strongest and most effective detox drinks you can get, if the test is supervised, this method is the absolute fastest way to pass a urine drug test.

However, if you are a very heavy smoker, or you have large body mass, I would suggest you do a natural detox course a few days prior to your drug test. You can even combine your detox program with some high-quality drug detox pills to speed up the process. If the test is unsupervised, do not mess with detox and cleansing drinks, just buy a bottle of high-quality synthetic urine and you are good to go.

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