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Detox Drinks For A Drug Test

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Detox drinks for a drug test

There are 4 main ways to pass a piss test, synthetic urine, detox pills, masking drinks and natural detox. I’ve posted an article about synthetic urine before, it’s high time to write about detox drinks. There is much misinformation online, there are many sponsored and promotional posts and its very hard to decide what to do. Some famous detox drinks are sold in big stores like Walgreens and Walmart, and they suck. In this article, I will write about when should we use detox drinks, what’s the difference between pills and detox drinks, what are the worst and the best detox drinks brands that you can buy to pass a drug test.

Detox Drinks That Don’t Work

I will keep this section short. There are many bad quality detox drinks on the market these days and most of these are just some sugary, colored water with some added vitamins and fancy design. Qcarbo32, Stinger, Cham Flush out detox, Total Eclipse Detox, Magnum Detox Instant flush. I have used some of these, not on a real drug test, but with a home drug test for testing purposes. I was shocked when these detox drinks all failed. They are heavily marketed, their price is high, but they are completely worthless. One good advice always checks out reviews before buying anything.

How Drug Detox Drinks Work, Drinks Vs Pills

Detox drinks are highly recommended if the test is supervised. If it’s unsupervised, always use synthetic urine as its much easier to use and basically risk-free. However, if someone going to stand behind you, watching you pee its recommended to use a detox drink instead. The instructions of these drinks are slightly different for every brand, but the basic is the same. Drink the content of the bottle 1-2 hours before the test. Refill the empty bottle 1-2x (depends on the brand) drink that too and try to urinate 2-3x before the going to the lab. If you did everything correctly your pee should be free of toxins in the next few hours. After 5 hours your pee will be dirty again, so it’s just a temporary solution.

The difference between detox drinks and detox pills is that while detox drinks are temporary and they start working relatively fast, detox pills are permanent solutions and it takes a minimum of 4-5 days to get clean (depends on many factors). Normally I would not recommend using detox pills because the detox route is very time consuming and also much more expensive than using fake pee or a cleansing drink.

Drug detox drink

Best Detox Drinks For A Drug Test You Can Buy

The best detox drinks are usually not available in regular stores like Walmart. You need to order them online from specialist retailers. These brands are slightly more expensive than the above-mentioned brands, but they actually do work. I have used detox drinks twice on real drug tests at LabCorp and passed my test with flying colors. My top 3 detox drink brands are:

Rescue Cleanse 32Oz: This detox drink brand is only available online. The manufacturer is Clear choice, the same company which makes Sub Solution synthetic urine. This detox drink is designed for heavy smokers with big body weight. I have used this product back in 2016 and didn’t have any issue with it. The test was supervised and I had no chance to use fake pee. Instructions are very easy to follow and it doesn’t require a few days of detox before using the product.

Mega Clean: This detox product is actually available in Walmart, and also in many smoke shops and gas stations, however, I would not recommend buying it there. The reason is this detox drink alone not that strong. Far from Rescue Cleanse. However, if you buy this detox drink from Testclear, they will give you 6 toxin rid pre rid pills. Take these pills 24 hours before the test to eliminate as many toxins as possible. Toxin Rid is the best detox pill on the market, so it’s definitely a powerful combo.

Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex: My third choice is Ultra Eliminex. It’s a very strong detox drink, probably even stronger than Rescue Cleanse.  I put this on the third place because it’s very expensive, and in most cases, Rescue Cleanse would do the job without any problem. While Rescue Cleanse costs 55$ this detox drink is 80$. That’s a lot for a detox drink, I am not saying the difference is an insane amount, but I would go for the cheaper option.


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