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Best Synthetic Urine Revealed

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synthetic urine reviews

You’d be amazed how few brands of fake urine there are you can buy that really work. The best synthetic urine is actually pretty easy to find, as long as you don’t get sidetracked by all the marketing hype and out of date reviews online. And definitely, if you don’t get sidetracked by the price. If you are a cheapskate, you will fail your drug test, it’s that simple.

So in this guide to finding the best synthetic urine, we are going to explain to you what is in the best synthetic urine, how to use it, and ways to avoid the biggest problem that causes people to fail drug tests using synthetic urine.

Plus, we will tell you the best brands of synthetic urine, and why, and also, some of the most notorious brands of fake pee to avoid.

What Synthetic Urine Brands Need To Achieve

The best synthetic urine brands all have the same things in common, they all have the following composition:

  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • Creatinine
  • Correct pH range
  • Correct specific gravity range
  • Does not contain biocide

Now you will be amazed how many brands of synthetic urine out there don’t cover all those basics. As well as those basics, they need to contain other chemical markers that will be found in human urine, the best brands have as many of those are possible in them as well. By doing that, they minimize the chances of the sample being detected as fake.

How To use Fake Pee For A Drug Test

Using synthetic urine for drug test is quite straightforward, you warm it up, keep it warm within the temperature range that human urine leaves the body at (legally you can submit a sample at anything between 90°F and 100°F), and then you submit it.

Because most drug tests are unsupervised, you can just smuggle the fake urine sample in under your clothing, and pour into the sample container. It’s easy, and risk-free. Obviously, if it’s a supervised drug test, then your only option is a detox drink, or natural detox unless you have nerves of steel.

Most brands of synthetic urine use a heating pad. This makes it harder to disguise because it adds bulk that is hard to disguise as you walk. You can get specialist urine belts the make it easier, but this all adds money to the cost. Also, heat pads aren’t hugely reliable, unless you get a premium one.

Reasons Synthetic Urine Fails

The reason you will get caught out using fake pee for drug tests is mostly nothing to do with the composition of the urine. However, most brands of synthetic urine contain something called biocide. This is an artificial preservative. It prolongs the shelf life and can be found in many products.

Some testing labs are now rumored to have realized that biocide is present in a lot of brands of synthetic urine, so they test for its presence. That way, they can rule out a massive amount of fake samples very easily.

But the main reason, other than composition, is submitting a sample at the wrong temperature. Most samples get submitted when they are too hot or cold, showing that they cannot possibly have come from the human body.

Poor quality heat pads, the temperature outside, not being able to adjust the temperature if there is a delay, these can all the reasons why even the best synthetic urine fails. The problem is that those people then submit reviews saying how rubbish the urine was, and how they fail when the truth is it was down to the heat of the sample.

detox drinks vs synthetic urine

Fake Urine Or Detox Drink?

There really is no contest between synthetic urine or detox drinks, when it comes the best way to pass a drug test.

The best synthetic urine will beat the best detox drink, hands-down, every time. As long as you know which the best synthetic urine is, and use it correctly, it is an absolute guaranteed way to pass a drug test.

Detox drinks are brilliant, but there is a bigger margin for error, which makes it a more risky option. That’s because they may not mask the toxins completely, or for long enough, depending on how many drug metabolites you have in your body, whether you have had time to detox, or if there’s a delay submitting your sample. Plus, you could just get a weak detox drink, and there are plenty out there.

The only reason to use a detox drink, rather than synthetic urine, is if it’s a supervised drug test, or if you simply don’t have the confidence to sneak the sample in, and think you might incriminate yourself.

Which Synthetic Urine Reviews Are Accurate?

 When you read synthetic urine reviews, they will mostly tell you how great a brand of synthetic urine is.

But they will not be accurate if they gloss over the chemicals that are in them. They will also tell you there are loads of positive reviews, but those synthetic urine reviews will sometimes be years out of date.

Brands like Magnum, UPass, and Xstream all have very poor track records. They don’t contain all the right ingredients, and they also contain biocide.

The best brand out there is Sub Solution, alongside an updated version of the same product, in a premixed form called Quick Luck. Not only are they the most complex formulas on the market today, but they also don’t use a heating pad.

Sub Solution and Quick Luck use a heat activator powder. This means you can warm it up just by allowing the powder to agitate the liquid, and then check the temperature just before you go into submit it, and quickly add more powder to warm it up if necessary. That takes away all the worry about heat pad failure.

best synthetic urine

An alternative is a Quick Fix. It’s not as complex, and it uses a heating pad, but it’s definitely the best of the rest. It will pass a basic pre-employment drug test, no trouble at all.

So the best synthetic urine is definitely Sub Solution or Quick Luck, the best synthetic urine brands by a mile. Closely followed by Quick Fix, any of these fake pee products will get you through a drug test, and allow you to breathe easy, knowing that you will test negative.

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